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Things to Do in Pittsburgh

Philadelphia may get most of the press, but Pittsburgh offers plenty of reasons to visit, too. Pennsylvania's second-largest city has moved beyond its “Steel City” years to become a hip, modern city with lots of historic charm.

Steel industry money is responsible for many of the attractions you can visit today–including museums and city parks. When the steel industry was no longer the economic driver, Pittsburgh managed to rebuild by attracting other businesses, and today the city is routinely named one of the move livable cities in the United States.

Pittsburgh sits at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monogahela Rivers, and there are plenty of river-based recreational opportunities when the weather is nice. The downtown Cultural District is where you'll find a high concentration of theaters, galleries, shops, parks and restaurants, while Pittsburgh also claims to have the most bars per capita in the entire country. This is a sports-loving city, too, with professional baseball, football and hockey to enjoy.
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Duquesne Incline
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There are a few ways to get up to Mount Washington from Pittsburgh, but Duquesne Incline is perhaps the most classic. In service from 1877, the historic cable cars, in their original wood, remain in operation. Along with the Monongahela Incline, it is the oldest continuous funicular in the world. Inclined at 30 feet and traveling from downtown Pittsburgh’s South Side to the top of Mount Washington, it’s where panoramic views and the city’s most upscale neighborhood await. Though once powered by steam and built for cargo, it now mostly carries passengers up to the scenic overlook with a view of Pittsburg’s “Golden Triangle” of rivers. There is also a museum that allows for a glimpse at the interior of the incline as it operates. At the top of the hill is a museum dedicated both to the history of Pittsburgh and inclines located all over the world. The view from Mount Washington has been called one of the most beautiful vistas in America.

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Pittsburgh Mt. Washington
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Aside from being one of the most visited neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, Mount Washington offers some of the best views of the city skyline, having been named one of the most beautiful vistas in America. Rows of charming homes and Shiloh Street, the main district of shops, bars, restaurants, and boutiques also draw many to the area. Several of the restaurants offer an upscale ambiance with incredible views of the city and the three surrounding countryside and rivers. It is one of the premier neighborhoods in Pittsburg. The mountain was once the home of many various coal mines, earning it the nickname of “Coal Mountain.” Grandview Avenue runs the length of the hill with four outlook decks in between homes and restaurants. At the edge of the mountain you’ll find the bronze statue of George Washington and Seneca leader Guyasuta staring at one another, marking the area’s history.

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Hard Rock Café Pittsburgh
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What began as an American cafe in London has spread around the world, and Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh is no exception to the classic food and rock ’n’ roll atmosphere found in the many restaurants. With a industrial interior as well as an outdoor patio, there are many comfortable places to sit and take in the energy. The exposed-brick stage always has some form of entertainment whenever classic rock ’n’ roll isn’t playing on the speakers. Frequently the space holds open mic nights and battle of the bands events.

While the bar features specialty cocktails, the menu has burgers, chicken wings, nachos, and potato skins to start. Entree choices range from fresh salads, sandwiches, and hickory-smoked barbecue specialties. Memorabilia found specifically at this cafe includes costumes from legends such as Elton John, Elvis, and Michael Jackson, or see the instruments once played by The Who and Stevie Wonder. There is even a handwritten draft of lyrics written by Bob Marley.

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